Santali Bibliography-Collection Of Santali Literature Books

Santali Bibliography Santali Literature Books

Johar, Today I this post we are going to give you a brief description of what Bibliography Is? And provide you with brief Santali Bibliography.

In case if you know the meaning of Bibliography then see the details about all the Santali Literature books which had changed the way of studying Santali and it also provides a path so, that many people can become familiar with Santhali Language and it's cultural tradition.

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So, first of all, What do you mean by Bibliography? 

It's a whole collection of lists that someone used or we can say found during the process of deeply researching that particular topic.

It contains all kinds of details about the writer who wrote that piece of paper which contains so much knowledge, Title of the topics and ts little description.

So, I think that now you have a little idea about Bibliography. In this post, we are going to discuss Santali Bibliography which is literally a Collection of Santali Literature.

Below is the list of all the Santali related books which contributed a large growth in the recognition of Santhals and the legendary and incredible authors of these books are also mentioned with the publishing year and little description about the books


Book NamePublished In YearBook AuthorDescription
Ranar : A Santali Grammar in Santali1976R. MurmuOl Chiki Script Santali Grammar
Santali Language Movement1979B.P MahapatraIts about growth of Santhali Language movements
Tribal religion1979J. TroisiThe Culture practices and tradition of Santhals
Santali Self-Taught1985S. HembramA book for the Santali Language Learner
Modernisation and Ritual Identity and Change in Santal Society1986Sitkant MahapatraHistoric change took place in Santhals
Santali - Hindi Sabdakosh1988S. PrasadSantali-Hindi Dictionary
Santal1990L. MajhiSantali-Oriya Dictionary
Santal Pargana Rin Hopon Era1990Divyendu Tudu 'Raska'The people of Santhal parganas
Santali - English - Japanese Wordlist1990Makto MinegishiWord List of Japanese Santali-English
Santali: a look into morphology1993Arun kumar GhoshStudy of words of Santali
Hindi - Santali Sabdakosh1993Doman Sahu "Samir"Hindi-Santali Dictionary
Nyut Ar Marshal1995Aditya MitraThe Dark and Bright part of Santhals
The Santals1996T. HembramTraditional reflection of Santhals
Songs of the wild birds1997Rudra KinshukA full collection of Santali folk songs which was again Transcreated by Rudra Kinshuk
Hor Serenj1998Doman Sahu "Samir"Santali Traditional Santali Song
Bibliography of Santali Language1998Ganesh MurmuList of Santali Books contributed in Santali Language
Bibliography: Santali Literature.1998Gurucharan Murmu & Das Amal KumarList of Santali Books contributed in Santali Literature
Santalia: Catalogue of Santal manuscripts in Oslo, L.O.1999S.S.K SorenSanthal Manuscripts
Bengal district gazetteers: Santal Parganas1999L.S.S. O'MalleyBook of Santhal Pargana
The Santals and their Ancestors2000D. Barka KiskuThe Ancestors of Santhals
Causatives in Kharia, Kurux and Santhali2000Saloni PriyaThe Struggle cause of Santhals
Santali2001Lukas NeukomA Santali Book
Nomen/Verb-Distinction in Santali2001Lukas NeukomVerbs and Grammar of Santali
Santali Basic Lexicon with Grammatical Notes2001Makto Minegishi & Ganesh MurmuLanguages and Traditions of Asia and Africa Institute
Observation on Ol Chemet2002Arun Kumar GhoshReport on Santhali Langauge
Development of Santali Language2002Ganesh MurmuThe growth process of Santali Language
A Santali Grammar2006Madhusuda n MishraSantali Grammar
Past Markers in Santali2007Dmitri V. SitchinavaPast Works of Santali
"Santali."2008Arun Kumar GhoshThe Asiatic Munda Languages and Their Variations
Folklore of Santal Parganas.2001Cecil Henry BompasSanthal Parganas Folk Culture
Framework for learning and understanding Santali in Ol chiki script2004Prof. R.C HansdaOl Chiki Script Learning
Argument Marking in Santali2001Lukas NeukomSantali Literature
A Santali Primer1845Jeremiah PhillipsSantali Book
An Introduction to the Santali language1852Jeremiah PhillipsSantali Language brief overview
Santal Vocabulary1866CampbellVocabulary Of Santali Langauge
Vocabulary of the Santali Language1868E.L PuxleyVocabulary Of Santali Langauge
A Grammar of the Santhal Language1873L.O. SkrefsrudSantali Grammar
Lists of words and phrases with their Santali equivalents.1879F.T ColeWords with Santali Similarity
English-Santali Vocabulary.1898W. MartinEnglish-Santali Vocabulary
A Santali - English Dictionary1899A. CampbellSantali-English Dictionary
English - Santali Dictionary1905A. CampbellEnglish-Santali Dictionary
Santali Primer1906F.T ColeSantali Book
Material for Learning Santali grammer.1922Paul O. BoddingSantali Grammar learning
Santal Folktales1925Paul O. BoddingSantali folk short stories
Santal grammar for beginner.1929Paul O. BoddingBeginner's guide to Santali grammar
Material for Santali grammar II(Morphological)1929Paul O. BoddingSantali Grammar part 2
Santali Dictionary (5 volume)1929Paul O. BoddingSantali English Brief Dictionary (5 volumes)
A Santali-English & English- Santali dictionary1933A.Campbell & R.M MacphailSantali-English and vice versa dictionary
Phonemic analysis of Santali1943T. SebeokSantali Langauge Analysis
Tribal Heritage : A study of the Santals.1949Wesley J.GulshawStudy of Santali Culture and traditions
Santal Sabdakos1951K.R Soren & P.C KiskuSantali Dictionary
Campbell's Santali-English Dictionary1954R.M MacphailSantali-English Dictionary 3rd Edition
Final Stops in Korku and Santali1958Norman Herbert ZideSantali Book
The Santals1962C.L MukherjeeBooks on Santhals
Santali Pravesika1962Doman Sahu "Samir'Santali Book
An introduction to Santali.1964R.M MacphailSanthals traditions and culture introduction
The Santal: A Tribe in Search of a Great Tradition1965M. OransBook about Santhal tribe
The Santali Ol Chemet script1967Norman Herbert ZideLanguage Areas of Santali
A Munda Demonstrative System: Santali1972Norman Herbert ZideSantali Administrative System
The Santals1976J TroisiBibliography of Santali

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