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Johar everyone, today in this post I going to give you a list of  Top 10 Santali Websites which are very popular on the internet. I will also provide you with information about the Santali Website which is gaining popularity with time.

In today's world having a website is must if you are in the field of promoting or marketing of any product or your talents or even providing useful information.

Here are all the Santali websites which I think you must follow and must check at least once to get an overview of how these are like and I think you will love it.

1. Khobor Kagoj

santali website khobor kagoj

This is the only website where you will find Santali language newspaper of every day. So, if you love reading the newspaper then you must check out this site.

Newspapers are published of every day but I think if you know how to read Santali language i.e Ol Chiki Script then for sure you will love reading the newspaper. It provides high-quality online Santali reading newspaper site.

2. Santhal - E - Disom

santali website santhaledisom

In this website, you will get all kinds of subjects related to the Santhal Community. It also provides information on the latest Santali music album.

You will find topics from Santali books to Santali Culture and traditions. You must check out this website.

3. We-Santhals

santali website we santhals

It is called "A portal for Santhals".

They share all kinds of things starting from topics related to Santali religion and Society, Books, Ol Chiki Fonts download, Disom Khobor, Projects and many more to look.

They also provide Ol Chiki web tutorial for the people who are interested in learning Santali.

4. Edelburu

santali website edelburu

A Santali website which talks about Santali Social and Culture issues. It also provides information about Santali History and recognition process, Santali Important persons, Arts and culture, Santali Matrimonial and administration.

 It also has a gallery which shares photos all about Santali people and their tradition and you can also find a high-quality Santali Calender in this Edelburu - Santali Website.

5. All India ASECA

santali website ASECA

It's a Santali Organization which controls all kinds of Santali Books publication. Under this organization, all books are published.

It contains projects and it's database of all the author's information and their written books. It also talks about Ol Chiki Script and also keeps track of all kinds of Santali events taking place.

It also provides Jharkand Santali calender and keeps you updated with the Santali important events.

6. Santali Music

santali website Santali Music

It's a Santali Music downloading website where you can all kinds of latest Santali mp3 song.

You can find a large number of Santali mp3 Songs including Santali instrumental and Santali Dj songs and Santali Movie songs also.

7. Santali Wiki

santali website Santali Wiki

It's an informational Santali website which provides Santali informational articles, Santali prominent persons, functions and awards, movies and Santali actors and actress.

 It covers a lot of contents related from entertainment to Santali religion and language, Ol Chiki fonts etc.

8. Tolgira

santali website Tolgira

Santali matrimonial site which is growing very fast.

9. Hor Hopon

santali website Hor hopon

A Santali website which also provides Santali useful articles about Santali culture and traditions, Santhali struggles and Santali freedom fighters and other many more useful articles but everything is written in Hindi.

10. Santhali Update Blog

santhali update blog santali website

I hope you know this site very well because I try my best to provide you the latest Santali useful articles as fast as I can. I just need your support.

Well, this is not a website, this is a blog which is a type of personal thoughts and information sharing site. I publish articles related to Santali religion and culture practice and traditions, Santali songs and albums, Santali books, Santali latest news, and some useful advice also.

So, keep connected with the blog by liking us in FB. Thank you for visiting.

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