Chronology Events on Santhal Hul (Santhal Rebellion)

Chronology Events On Santhal Hul (Santhal Rebellion)

17th Jan 1784: Murder of collector Clive Land of Bhagalpur & Rajmahal. 1st Santal armed rebellion under the leadership of Tilka Murmu.

1785: Hanging of Tilka (Manjhi) Murmu.

1832-33: Demarcation of the boundary of Damin-i-Koh by John Pattyward and surveyor Capt. Tanner. Immigration of the Santals in Damin-i-Koh from Cuttack, Dalbhum, Manbhum, Barabhum, Chotanagpur, Hazaribagh, Palamu, Midnapur, Bankura, and Birbhum.

Santhal Hul - Revolt Day

30th June 1855: Sido Kanhu addresses a big gathering in the village Bhognadih resolution taken by 10,000 Santals to establish a self Govt. free from exploitation. The first journey towards Calcutta by the Santals.

7th July 1855: Murder of notorious moneylender Kenaram Bhagat and Mohesh Lal Dutt, the Daroga of Dighi Police-Satiation.

11th July 1855: Arrival of Major Baroj with armed force at Colgong to suppress the rebellion.

12th July 1855: Entry of Santal rebels into Pakur under the leadership of Sido, Kanhu, Chand, and Bhairo attacked the king's palace.

13th July 1855: Arrival of 7th Armed Regiment at Kodamsaer beginning of a greater armed attack.

15th July 1855: Direct confrontation of the seventh Armed Regiment with the Santal at the banks of the Torai river, near Pakur; the defeat of the Santal forces.

16th July 1855: The defeat of British soldiers in the hands of Santal guerrillas at the battle of Pialapur.

Santhal Hul (Santhal Rebellion) Sido Kanhu Santhal Revolt

20th July 1855: Total control by the Santals of the area lying from Taldanga to Sainthia on the southwest and on the north-west from Bhagalpur and Rajmahal to the north-eastern part of the then Bhagalpur district.

21st July 1855: Defeat of the English force in Katna village.

23rd July 1855: Destruction of the famous business center, Ganpur in Birbhum.

24th July 1855: Defeat of Chand and Kanhu at Raghunathpur on Barharwa, Barhait Rd. in the hands of the British army led by Mr. Tugud, the Magistrate of Murshidabad.

29th July 1855: Destruction of 12 Santal villages by Capt. Sherwil and the demolition of the villages Munhan and Munkatro by Lieutenant Gordor.

30th July 1855: Destruction of another of villages by Lt. Rubi.

17th Aug 1855: Publicity of the appeals by the British Govt. to Santals to surrender; the Santals neglect the appeal.

16th Sep 1855: Destruction of Operbundh police-station and the village under the leadership of Mochia, Kasijola, Ram Pargana, and Sundra Majhi.

2nd week, Oct. 1855: Plunder of Amba, Harna Mouza by Sido and Kanhu.

10th Nov 1855: Enforcement of Martial Law by the British Govt.

3rd Jan 1856: Withdrawal of the Martial law.

23rd Jan. 1856: Plunder of the palace of Lord Grant of Sujarampur.

27th Jan. 1856: Defeat of ten Santals in a direct confrontation with Bhagalpur Hill Ranges force led by Lt. Fagon.

2nd, 3rd week Feb 1856: Death of Sido and Kanhu
Santhal Hul Johar

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