Top 5 Super Hit Traditional Santali Mp3 Song [Listen and Download]

Top 5 Super Hit Traditional Santali Mp3 Song

Johar ᱡᱚᱦᱟᱨ In this post, I will provide you with a list of Top 5 Traditional Santali MP3 Song free to download. These 5 Traditional Santali MP3 Songs are top selected from the internet. You can download these mp3 songs below by clicking on the download button.

Am Ge Kia Baha

Am Ge Kia Baha Santali Traditional Song

This is one of most old Santali song you can ever get on the internet. At that time it was one of the most super hit Santali songs.

Baru Dugi Rema Koyal

Baru Dugi Rema Koyal Santali Traditional Song

This song was sung by Kalpana Hansda in the year 2014 and it was a big hit. It basically describes a koyel bird singing.

Dular Shagay

Dular Shagay Santali Traditional Song

This song is about a lover who is away from his love and it describes their love memories.

Mone Rijhao Jiwi

Mone Rijhao Jiwi Santali Traditional Song

After listening to this you might think that this song is sung by a female. But guess what it is actually sung by a male. This song describes how his heart is getting melted.

Tangi Tarag Nisun Berare

Tangi Tarag Nisun Berare Santali Traditional Song

This was also a super hit song which was released in the year 2013. This song describes a person who is waiting for someone and describes his feelings about the environment.

Listen to these songs below: 

Top 5 SuperHit Traditional Santali Song


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