Contribute in Google Translate for Santali language

Contribute To Google Translate For Santali Language

Google translate is one of the free website where you can translate any language pairs to multiple languages. Absence of Santali language can be felt clearly. In this post I will explain how to contribute in Google translate for Santali Language.

Why there is a need ?

The place where we Santali people can do a lot of things.

  • Boost in Office works.
  • Help students learn Santali language.
  • Better know about culture and many more.

What's behind Google Translate

Google had already included 109 languages and many are still under the hood and languages can be thought as a cricket team. When a member become experienced then only he is added to National team. Same thing is with other languages too.They will soon join the team when they become experienced. Google uses various technologies to train and build models, so that even low resource language can make a place there.

In total their are 171 Global languages including those already supported. It means 62 more languages need to be added here among 109 languages, and Santali is among those 62 languages. You and myself can contribute only in those 62 languages. If more people will come than our work and burden will be less.

As, in order to train a model at least 1 lakh Contribution may needed, though their is no definite margin. Till now Santali Contribution is only at 12,000. We need more working hand to make it possible and contribute at least 50,000.

Recently I have tweeted a data where i have plotted some languages and their growth. Santali language can be seen like a missile which when launched started to cover a huge length. Here is the tweet link.

The tweet content is like:-

Google translation Overview for Indian languages and their contributions.#Santali is growing very fast. Chattisgarhi, Bhojpuri, Bodo, Haryanvi, Dogri, Garhwali, Marwari, Surajpuri, Sadri, Kashmiri speaker can also contribute in #googletranslate.

As, you can read from my tweet. You can clearly understand google need our help to bring languages live. It has included all official languages except for Sanskrit and Konkani.

Interestingly, you will also find those Indian languages that are not official languages but are our own Indian languages like Chattisgarhi, Garhwali, Marwari, Surajpuri, Sadri, Kashmiri. If people from these communities will try then they can also bring their language live. 

How to contribute in Santali Language

These are some few steps which needs to be followed by Google translate. Same is true for desktop users also. Only difference will your screen size :-)

1. Go to website

google translation website

2. Click on Contribution.
3. Select Santali as your language.

Contribute to Santali Language in Google Translation

4. Now, there will be two large tabs, one for Validation and other is for Translation.
5. Also, you can contribute from English to Santali or Santali to English which can be selected from the dropdown option.

Santali Language Google Translation

6. Always give your Contribution in Ol Chiki script.

For more information you can watch my youtube video: Here is the link


I hope you all are able to understand, how you all can contribute to the google translation for Santali language to make it more recognizable to the world, just by providing your knowledge and time.

This post is written by Prasanta Hembram. You can follow him on twitter. Here is the link to his twitter profile.

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